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The donate button on the page provides a way to give an offering to Church on the Hill. Donations will assist with our ministry initiatives and community efforts.

Clicking on the donate button will take you to a secure payment page. Donations can be made with a PayPal account or any debit or credit card.

What Exactly is Tithing?

Quite simply, to give back one tenth of a person’s wage earnings to the church.  Through this act of benevolence not only will the giver notice an increase in life’s riches, but the receiver will now have more capital in which to give back to the community.  Both sides of the coin benefit and humanity as a whole is augmented into a higher realm of energy and power that will reciprocate this loving act back onto society through shared faith, philanthropic activities and/or economic services.

Why are Tithing results multiplied?

The natural law of reaping and sowing is concrete and sound.  Whatever you put out into the universe will be reciprocated back based on the quality of the original action.  Through the act of tithing, a human utilizes the utility of the church while simultaneously increasing its’ power to give back.  We all survive and thrive in a life based on the resources a community can provide.  Once you give back to the church it now has more power in which to help the community it operates under.  With this stronger community, the original giver will now experience a richer more resourceful community than if the act was not performed.

What if I can’t afford to Tithe?

Financial obligations, at times, appear as great obstacles which can never be overcome.  In this scenario, money isn’t the only thing a person can give back.  Giving someone’s services, prayers, or resources to the church will obey the same laws as money; capital is simply more flexible to address certain needs a community is calling for.  Knowing through the power of faith that tithing benefits society as a whole has magical implications.  Money flows like a river and if a person hordes money than they will continually experience diminished qualities of life because money will not flow back to the person.

Through the act of tithing the Church of Boca will be a vehicle which augments the quality of life for the surrounding community.