One of the big changes over the past 20 or 25 years for churches is the increase in the number of Americans claiming no religious affiliation. Writing a few years ago, researcher Robert Putnam said, “It is now, roughly speaking, 35 percent [to] 40 percent of younger Americans … who say they have no religious affiliation.” That’s a big change. For many years about 5 to 7 percent of Americans… Read More »WALK THE WALK


A couple of years ago, the Mega Millions jackpot reached nearly $1.6 billion. It was announced as the largest jackpot ever. As it turned out, that was just an estimate, and the actual amount was a mere $1.537 billion, the second largest ever. One individual had the winning ticket, purchased at a convenience store in Simpsonville, SC. If the winner takes the payout as a lump sum, it will be… Read More »STAY WISE


Perhaps you’ll go to the Arizona desert someday or have already been. You’ve seen the huge Saguaro cactus that grows up to 40 or more feet and lives for centuries. They’re beautiful and powerful images of the desert, even flowering at the right time. That is, if they get all the sun they want and need. They can stand eight times taller than a person. But you may also see… Read More »SCARED BUT CALLED


Deciding something can be hard. Choices can be agonizing. If you have a group of people together, deciding where to eat can be a paralyzing choice. Hard as some of our choices may be, we must choose. For some high school students, deciding where to go to college is difficult. Several schools appeal, but one must be decided on. Which car to buy, which house or which apartment to move… Read More »CHOOSE TO SERVE


We say you’re not crazy if you talk to yourself; you’re only crazy if you answer. Well to tell you the truth that isn’t crazy either. Our running internal dialogue is probably what separates us most from even the most sophisticated other animals on earth—dolphins, orcas, chimpanzees, and elephants. But this isn’t what’s most important. What’s most important is what we do with what we say to ourselves. We talk… Read More »MOVE FORWARD


There’s a saying you may have heard. “God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.” There are times when we may wonder about that. Is God good when there is a tragic death? Is God good when you lose your job and you’re left wondering how you are going to make it financially? Is God good when a loved one suffers a serious illness? I had… Read More »GOD IS GOOD


I want to talk to you today about not settling for good enough. It’s easy to think, “My marriage is not what it should be, but at least we’re still together. It’s good enough.” Or “I don’t really like this job, but at least I’m employed. It’s good enough.” “I would love to make A’s in school, but I’m not that smart. These C’s are good enough.” Too many people… Read More »HARAN OR CANAAN? YOU CHOOSE 8/29/21

FRESH JOB 8/22/21

I remember typing a paper in seminary. It was about 30 pages or so, with footnotes and everything. It was when computers were coming out. I didn’t have my own, so I went to the computer room at the University of Chicago. The computer was so much better than a typewriter. But a computer has one big issue, and most of us have learned it several times: it’s possible to… Read More »FRESH JOB 8/22/21


Fresh Perspective 8/15/21 – YouTube The beginning of the school year is upon us. There’s excitement that comes with it and of course concerns and fears with the Delta variant. For some there’ll be new schools; for everyone new schedules and classes, and hopefully even new friends. A new year with new experiences gives us new perspectives. Perspective matters. What we look for, think about, look and listen for, and… Read More »FRESH PERSPECTIVE 8/15/21


December 23, 1783, was a very important day in American history. On that day George Washington resigned his commission as commander of the United States of America’s Continental Army after finally and amazingly prevailing over the British forces, the strongest Army and Navy in the world. Washington had won independence for the thirteen colonies. Washington intended to return to civilian life. He was admired, adored, virtually worshiped by his troops… Read More »THE FIRST DAY 7/4/21